Citizen Coors: An American Dynasty



The New York Times Book Review — “A frequently damning, riveting portrayal of the company and the men who dominated it.”

The Washington Post — “As for Baum, he pulled off the considerable feat of making the Coors family–wildly reviled for its virulent right-wing political activism–sympathetic and human.” (naming the 10 best books of 2000) 

The Chicago Tribune — “A triumph in reporting. . . . The result is as much a family history as it is a textbook tale of how sweeping, roller-coaster cultural changes through the last half of the 20th Century left inflexible, insular companies teetering.”

The San Francisco Bay Guardian — “Baum skillfully interweaves stories of family dysfunction –; which apparently flowered during the life of grim-faced, ultrastrict Adolph Coors Jr., whose son and grandson still hold the official reins of power at the brewery — with the story of the business and the family’s ultraconservative politics.”

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