Third-Act Trouble

From the summer of 2015 until the spring of 2018 I wrote a Monday-through-Friday emailed dispatch to a list of readers that ultimately topped out at 338.  I called it Third-Act Trouble for reasons made clear in TAT #1, which you can see below. I loved writing it for all the reasons I loved writing New Orleans Journal from post-Katrina New Orleans (which can be seen here, starting in the middle of the page). Click on “January columns” to begin. ) Ultimately, though, TAT lapsed into memoir, and even I got tired of reading about my youthful struggles to find a mate and become a writer. I shut it down in April 2018. The entire archive of Third-Act Trouble is in a PDF that can be accessed by clicking on the link below, but be warned: it is as long as any three of our books combined and may take a while to download, to say nothing of to peruse. People seemed to like it and quite a few complained when I stopped. No money ever changed hands. I did it because I enjoyed doing it, which is the best of reasons to write. Sure, you have to make a living, but we should be writing for the same reason we play tennis or hike in the woods: because we love the doing of it, not because we want to have written. 

TAT complete